Hostwinds operates in three data centers. ” Seattle – Dallas – Amsterdam ” Allowing them to provide clients with disaster recovery options. If need be, clients can also geographically load balance traffic between locations.

Hosting Services:
Shared Hosting
Business Hosting (also shared)
Reseller Hosting
Cloud Hosting
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Server Hosting
Managed and Unmanaged VPS
Enterprise Email
VPNs, SSL certificates

Shared Web Hosting
HostWinds Have 3 plans all included Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth begins at $3.29 per month first plan Basic can host 1 domain next plan Advanced host up to 4 domains cost $4.23 .  the Ultimate plan is all Ultimated cost $5.17

Features Included in All Hosting Plans
·         Solid State Drives·         Unlimited Subdomains
·         Softaculous Auto Install·         Unlimited Email Accounts
·         Instant Setup·         Unlimited Databases
·         Free Website Transfers·         Free Dedicated IP
·         Latest cPanel·         Free SSL Certificate
·         Unlimited Subdomains·         Free Domain

Business Web Hosting

Enterprise-Level Hosting Developed with Your Business Requirements in Mind.

Same as shared hosting is the Business Hosting come in 3 plans, Basic for 1 domain cost $5.64 Advanced plan up to 4 Domains cost $6.58 Ultimate plan for Unlimited Domains hosting cost $7.99

So what deference between shared and business , it’s inculde all shared futures plus Litespeed Web Server, Optimized MySQL and Unlimited FTP Accounts
According to Hostwinds, the business plans are up to 500% faster than standard shared hosting packages.
There are fewer sites sharing a server on a business plan — so your account gets more resources.

Cloud Web Hosting
Hostwinds offers an intermediate type of hosting that’s between shared and VPS hosting.

Similar to a VPS, you have your own dedicated resources, which keeps your site running at a more consistent speed.

Deploy your cloud server in under 20 Seconds

Instant Scalability
Cloud servers are especially beneficial because they are scalable and customizable. We can increase your cloud server’s dedicated resources at any time in seconds. More RAM? More CPU? Done!

Choose from hourly or monthly billing for these plans.
You only pay for the resources that you use, so it can be more cost-efficient than other types of plans. Find more details about cloud plans here.

VPS Hosting
Start at $5.17 per month for Linux. and Windows hosting costing more at $7.99 per month.
Hostwinds’ VPS plans allow customers to select many options including a choice of either Linux or Windows operating systems, varying numbers of CPU cores, and amount of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth

Managed or Unmanaged VPS?
You can choose between managed and unmanaged plan.
managed plan means that Hostwinds will take care of server security, maintenance, and updating for you. You pay a bit extra for this convenience.

Features Included in All Plans

·         1 Gbps Ports·         Multiple Locations
·         99.9999% Uptime·         Snapshots
·         100% Satisfaction·         Custom ISO’s
·         Solid State Drives·         Enterprise Firewall
·         Free Website Transfer·         Multiple Locations

Get more about VPS Plans Details 

Dedicated Servers
Besides VPS plans, Hostwinds offers a set of Fully Managed Dedicated Resources with Full Control, 1 Gbps Ports, Fully Managed and Nightly Backups.
Dedicated servers prices start at $79.50 per month.

Other services like Enterprise Email, VPN and SSL certificates also available if you are interested find more details in

Last News They did announce that HostWinds Accept CRYPTOCURRENCY.

Best Overall Hosting Plan?

  • Solid State Drives
  • Free Website Transfers
  • Latest cPanel
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain

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